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1. SEO Friendly Url’s - The Benefits
(SEO Blog/Social Marketing)
SEO Friendly url’s are of vital importance to getting ranked in Search Engine Result Page’s (serps). Not only are they more visually attractive but it’s makes the search engines job of placing your site ...
2. Helpful Tips in Creating SEO Friendly URLs
(SEO Articles/SEO for Beginners)
... quality or volume of the traffic to your site from search engines by way of normal search result listings, I have compiled easy, basic, simple and helpful tips in creating SEO friendly URLs: Understand ...
3. Learning the Basics of SEO
(SEO Articles/SEO for Beginners)
... and on-page factors.   One should also get familiarized with SEO jargons like:  hosting, domain, www or non www, page titles, seo friendly URLs, description meta tag, index, keyword meta tag, h1 tags, ...