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Google Penalties: The Worst Scenario in SEO

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Every webmasters and publishers are very careful to commit penalties from search engines especially like Google.  Exerting for more effort and spending more time to improve your website’s ranking will lead you to use the services of an SEO Expert.  You are very happy of the outcome of this endeavor because you are included in the top rank of Google.  You are on a heighten verge of achievement when slowly you noticed that your sales are dropping.  You also realized that your rankings and traffic go down vastly.  Your site swiftly cannot be found in Google.  And now you’re in a state of panic!  You know exactly what was happening… 

You’ve been penalized by Google! 

 One of the most frustrating problems you can come across in search engine optimization.

When you can’t locate your website at all in the Google index or if you don’t have top rankings for your domain name, you almost certainly have a penalty.  Google penalties are the effect of violations against the Google Webmaster Guideline which are moreover detected algorithmically or manually. Depending on the intensity of how serious you’ve been spamming your website, some violations are deliberately worse than others. A penalty can last in a few weeks, a few years, or may be blacklisted forever.

There are 2 major kinds of penalties reported:

30 penalty


950 penalty.

A -30 penalty is penalty that affects the entire domain on every search and decreases a website’s ranking positions by 30 places.  It is when a site drops from a previously high ranking to #31. Minus 30 penalty is one that filters for handling spam in Google algorithm.  The only solution to get around this penalty is to have unique content on your site, to get links from well trusted sites and to link to high quality sites.

Unlike -30 penalty, -950 penalty only distress precise URLs for particular keywords. Nonetheless, the -950 penalty is the harshest one. Penalized websites will be dropped to the last page on Google.  Also know as an “An end results” sensation.  The only thing one can avoid this is by not taking participation in any unethical or black SEO tactics, like Keyword stuffing, link farming, putting invisible text, use doorway pages which are pages that users cannot see but search engine spiders can.

If you’ve been penalized by Google, don’t take it against Google.  Penalties are made to prevent abuse and to play fair in this business.

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