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The Importance of Valid HTML Codes

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Hyper Text Markup Language or the famous HTML is not a programming language or a page layout language; it is a markup language which consists of tags set in the text of a document.  It has its own language rules and syntax.  These codes are the major grammar of the World Wide Web.  

Valid HTML code is very important to both page display and site promotion because it is the basic element of a good website.  This is what many webmasters take no notice of.  They ignore the value of designing good and clean pages because they depend and trust much on development tools like Microsoft FrontPage and Netscape Composer.  They have little knowledge that these editors use substandard and unsupported codes which often fail to work on browsers.

Top search engines are adamant to use proper coding practice.  Take into account the following statements which are bona fide reasons why valid HTML code is of great magnitude to SEO and good SEO rankings.  These are based from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Quality Assurance group.

Correct HTML code

  1. serves as a debugging tool.
  2. serves as a future record for quality check and future compatibility.
  3. promotes good wed design practice and maintenance.
  4. is a sign of professionalism.

The use of valid HTML guarantees that future versions of browsers will support the markup language, so that the web page looks and acts the same way across any browsers.  It will be easier for search engine spiders to index a certain site.  

Implementing the use of valid HTML codes improved user experience, with less bandwidth utilization and faster loads increasing web site traffic.  Well-formed HTML codes also save time and money.   

As browsers become more standard compliant, it is better to write valid acceptable compliant HTML codes due to the fact that most search engines prefer this practice.  

Most SEO Professionals regard that the top three search engines: 

MSN and
Yahoo take valid HTML codes into consideration when calculating rankings.

There are free tools that analyze certain website to verify whether they use codes that are in standard format and have the capability to alert the web designer of those elements.  One of which is the use of W3C HTML Validator which also has the approaches and techniques to boost up websites.  The W3C was started in 1994 to lead the Web to its capacity for developing common practice that sustain its development and ensure its ability to operate successfully.  W3C is working to make the Web accessible to all users.  

Benefits in using web standards and sorting out structure from presentation means more viewers, lower maintenance cost to produce new content and a more variable web, reducing vendor lock-in, and opens new opportunities to XML technologies becoming responsible with accessibility requirements.

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