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Verifying the Validity of your HTML Code

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The potency of HTML code plays a significant role in the aspect of Internet marketing.† Most search engine crawler programs comply with the HTML standards set by W3C.† In laymanís term, the general reason why one should exert effort to authenticate the validity of HTML codes is that, to make a specific content readable with any browsers and accessible to the widest viewers as possible.† It gives confidence to webmasters in using proper techniques and standards to get good outcome in search engines. †

There are three options to verify HTML codes.† You can validate using the URI/web address of a page, uploading from your computer or by inputting HTML codes in the interface.† Validating by URI is simply entering the URL of a page on a website and have the validator examine the page.† Validate by file upload is by browsing the location of the file on your computer and have the validator check your file.† Validate by directly inputting the codes is simply through copy and paste technique and let the validator verify those codes.

Checking the validity of your HTML Codes can be done through the use of free validator softwares.† Here are some best recommendations wherein you can check your codes online.

W3 Consortium Validator.

This free service will check any HTML documentís code against the rules.† It returns the precise errors and a defined summary of code inaccuracy with the intention that webmasters can correct those flaws. This also presents the position of the most critical errors.† You can choose validating by URI, file upload, and direct HTML code input.† Although there are some declarations that Windows XP Service Pack 2 has some problems using file upload through Internet Explorer.† It will work out well using other browser.


†A high speed and reliable validation service that lets Web Publishers to test their syntax in harmony to current official standards.† This service also offers validation of other documents like XHTML and WML, Feeds, Google Sitemaps on XML compliance and specific requirements.

Html Validator

This is a Firefox add-on that adds HTML validation within Firefox and Mozilla. The quantity of errors of an HTML page is seen in the form of an icon in the status bar.† This is obtainable in 17 languages for Windows and other platforms.

HTML Source Code Validator by

This free online validator will check your HTML source code for errors and show suggestions for repairing the errors.

There are numerous resources you can search over the internet and choose where it best suits your needs. †

SEO is a colossal venture with any site, and there is little point in spending time and effort and one attribute while disregarding the other. All the optimization in the world will not do your site any help if a spider is not able to index your page pertinently.† Take into consideration that this is the only key to make certain that spiders will push your page and its relevant content through completely validated code.† Working with the validation tool and being cautious to design your site based on innate HTML principles is not only a main key to search engine optimization, it is its focal point and foundation.

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