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There are a number of effective tools that any web masters should have.  As an online marketer, you need to have web tools that will greatly improve your site’s visibility in every search engines and will supply you with complete reports.  Listed are helpful web tools that you can use according to the four major search engine.  

“Google Analytics”

You can track your total number of visits, page views, search engine stats, conversion summary, entrance and exit pages, and much more. This is how smart webmasters should think.  You are also presented with a number of graphs and charts to show many of these data.

“Google Suggestion”

Google Suggestion is an innovative service from Google Labs. As you type your search term, Google offers keyword suggestions in real time. This tool can be very helpful when you are searching for related keyword phrases on the fly.

“Google AdSense”

This tool enables website publishers to put on view relevant Google ads and earn money from those ads through valid clicks and visits.  Click for Google Adsense

“YAHOO! Web Analytics”

Formerly known as IndexTools.  This tool provides a free full featured service with significant data and forthcoming reports that will help website owners and developers assess their marketing performance and twist their website designs.

“Keyword Density Analyzer”

This tool helps you to scrutinize related good keyword and keyword phrases to use.  This tool includes meta-tag keyword and descriptions.  It also allows you to use Default Stop Word List. You may use keyword density analyzer here

“Alexa Web Rank Checker”

Alexa Rank Checker displays your Incoming Links, Reach Rank, and average review. You may use our website traffic analyzer for this

“Meta Tag Analyzer”

This tool will show you how search engine robots analyze your competitor’s website.  This will also help you check the following: keywords used on the page and find keyword density, web server operating system where site is hosted, website file size and load time, URLs and links found on the page.  You will also have the chance to receive tips on how to improve your Meta Tags. You may use our website data analyzer for this


This tool allows you to hit into multiple search engines.  You can search for directories, discussion groups, forums, images, audio clips, podcasts, sound effects, music clips, film trailers, flash movies and news.  You can also search for unique files such as pdf's, word documents and power point presentations.

These tools are here to help you in your efforts in achieving better search engine rankings.  Begin monitoring and optimizing your website by selecting the best tool that matches your criteria.   View WhoNu
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