Google Wave - A threat for mesh? Or a new walk way?

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Google wave, finally a response came in by Google that merges together all the contemporary format of communication over internet protocol. Just think we are doing instant messaging, p2p sharing, emailing and documentation. And just in course of time, Google wave will allow us a new format for online communication. Everything in a single pack but for all and all purposes.

What can be a better communication era in human civilization history?

Google wave, apparently appear to be the response to the threat posed by clouding Mesh environment technology of Windows. But is Google rivaling with Microsoft? You know the answer. The curtain raiser and subsequent video demonstration illustrates and emphasizes the need of Accurate and Specific information in all communication modes over internet. People can make corrections to documents, chats, discussions, message boards, share audio, video, document and image files. People will have a permissible access to make their editing and contribution.

The briefing have created impression among the attendants that, Google Wave, seemingly the equal part of conversation and document, it is live and shared. Google Wave yet to explore, probably going to respond the interactivity of online communication. The real time multiple users collaboration will deeply engage the collective activities, help to reduce the information redundancy and improve quality of information and the extension API – another charm to enjoy.

Those same siblings from Denmark, as they did behind the Google Map, Lars and Jens Rasmussen are the master mind of Google Wave. In Sydney, Australia, they have demonstrated what is the need of multiple communication modes? When all the communication can be carried in a single platform! Well, honestly Jens and Lars, we do not know. We only know we are not used to with such formats. But we have high hope like you put the mark higher for yourself with our expectation by resulting in Google maps. We get tired in singing in to our web mail boxes, messengers! We get fluffy information and distorted in our communication without editing panel! We are just waiting to see how Google allows space for the jungles on the web. Is Google ready to let the crowd be active in this tier?

Apart from the communication mode, Google Wave’s extensions will likely bring added sweet & sour to our online collaboration and communication experiences. These are the additional funda. But the real experience is yet to experience. We are waiting for you and we want to be waved by Google Wave.
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