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SEO for Joomla - Joomla 1.5 SEO

The main target of Joomla users is to get exposed and get the rate of traffic that they are dreaming of. All of Joomla users are doing this for generating a good profit and this does not occur except when they get good traffic flow to their website. Most of this traffic comes through search engine so the best way to get the traffic is through optimizing your website so when the search engine bots crawl your website it would be ranked high in the result pages.

There are few joomla seo tips that you can use just to optimize your Joomla website - Joomla SEO

1-The first thing you need to do is to empty all the samples from the website template to make it easier for the search engine to determine the niche of your website. If you forget to remove these samples, any search will show your page in irrelevant results because the search engine crawled the sample articles that are installed automatically.

2-Write your site name in the site name box, do not intend to write some key words in that box. The reason for that is when someone subscribe for your website they will get a confirmation email stating that they had subscribed to “keyword, keyword, keyword” instead of stating your website name. This will appear unprofessional and this is the last thing that you want to do.

3-You have to turn your PDF links off because they will not give you any benefit. The PDF cannot drive traffic to your home page, they are simply dead ends and will drive the traffic away from your website especially if they are ranked higher than the home page in the search engine result pages (SERP).

4-Show people how your website is small in size but big in information. Turn on your cash so the search engine and people will know that your site will open very quickly so they will choose it over the other websites and the search engine also love these small websites so it will also rank higher

5-Your metadata box is a gold mine for you as it is searched frequently by major search engines so, I think that you may need to delete the famous phrase “Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system ….  “ into something more relevant to your website. Stuff it with keywords and you will see your website bouncing through pages toward the top ranks.

These Joomla SEO Tips are very important to those who are really looking for the best way to search engine optimization for their Joomla websites. Applying these tips will let your website take the short cut to the front instead of struggling to advance 2 or 3 pages only.

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