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Google Wonder Wheel - How to Use Google Wonder Wheel?

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Google is a giant search engine and it is preferred by an immense percentage of internet users and now it had launched a new array of tools that make the internet search even better and more powerful. One of these tools is the Google Wonder Wheel.

It is a new powerful search method that can help in doing better searches and get more relevant results.

How does it work?

First you need to enter a keyword in the regular Google search box and hit “enter” as usual. After that you can find a small word called options, when you click on that word, a list of tools will pop up, find the word wonder wheel and click it and here you go.

The keyword that you entered in the search box will appear inside a large circle with several radiating rays. Every ray would hold a relevant keyword. In the same time, on the right hand side of the screen there will be some search results that you can click. With every click on one of the relevant keywords that appear around the circle, the search results will differ on the right hand side of the screen. This will lead to unlimited possibilities

What can you use the wonder wheel for?

First of all, it can be a gold mine for an article writer. You can get many ideas for your article from those relevant keywords that appear. When you choose one of these keywords it soon appears in the center of the circle and other relevant keywords appear around it. This could last forever so you can search for what you want until you find it exactly.

Once again, if you are an article writer then you find out which niches are not tapped like others. This will give you the chance to excel in some niches with small competition instead of struggling to succeed in a very popular niche.

You can use google wonder wheel to turn you into an expert in any niche.

For example if you are looking for a word like gardening, then you may get into the flower gardening and from that point you may set off to a specific flower species. You can reach the deepest details while you are spinning the wonder wheel, this will be very good for your information and for getting deep into a specific issue.

Using the Google wonder wheel will let you save a lot of time when you plan to search in a specific niche but you are not sure of what the exact thing that you are looking for. You can keep searching for a long time through search results but when you spin that wheel for a little time, you will hit the right search result at no doubt.
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