The Impact of Misspelled Keywords on SEO - SEO Keyword Misspellings

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There have been studies and proven analysis that almost 10% of search queries have misspelled keywords that occur in searches.  While people tend to overdo typo errors, and barely initiate time to correct them, there might have been a possibility to drive massive traffic to a certain site when they search for information.   From a SEO perspective, this can really be charming as the rate of the keywords are of high effect with tremendously low competition, and still allocating the same requirement as if it was typed correctly.  This is one of the main reasons why more and more online companies are taking advantage of this strategy.  

Say for example, the average monthly search for the terms “office calendars” is about 40,500 and “search engine” is 65,700.  You will be astounded that the spelling mistakes for “serach engine” results in 14,000 searches or an equivalent of 21% of the correct spelled words; and “office calenders” was searched 1,300 times or equivalent to 3% in totality.  

As you read this, a light bulb will appear beside your head and your surrounding will become brighter as the sun.  You will say to yourself that this is a profitable idea!  You will then start to work on misspelled keywords, start collating and exploring all those possible incorrect words to optimize your site. 

Yes, this is an overpowering and attractive trick.  But, before pleasing yourself with this, let me remind you that most search engines these days suggest the right keywords on the verge of typing the words you are searching for.  Optimizing for misspelled words is not a good practice any longer. 

One of the top search engines, Google, has come up with three powerful spell check algorithm to look after keyword misspellings.  All of these have different functions when it comes to the intensity of misspelled keywords.  They have the code names:  (1) “Did You Mean”; (2) “Chameleon”; and (3) “Spellmeleon”.   These code names will provide the visitors with suggestions of correct spelled words and phrases that match their search.  

SEO keyword misspellings are overly abused by spammers.  Aside from the fact that it will look somewhat unprofessional and amateurish in your body copy or page title, it is very likely that grammatical errors can lower the worth of your site to their algorithm.  Search spelling correction will get more matured over time.  So it’s better to be safe in using the correctly spelled keywords to avoid more problems in the future.  

I am not an advocate of perfection, we all make mistakes, but it will not hurt your business if you follow the principles of practicing Good SEO.  
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