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Alexa Rank - What is Alexa Rank? How to increase Alexa Rankings?

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The Alexa rank is an independent ranking system which calculates its rankings based on the traffic levels received by each website. However, only the traffic driven through the Alexa toolbar channel is factored in determining the Alexa rank.

Increasing your Alexa rank can work to your benefits. This is because the Alexa rank of your website is taken as a resource point for judging the link value that your website has to offer. All webmasters, networks and advertisers gauge your website using the Alexa rank. Increasing the Alexa rank is all the more fruitful for websites that depend on site or link selling as their primary form of making money as a higher rank translates as bargaining power in the market.

How to Increase Alexa Rankings?

There are many ethical trips and tricks that can help you achieve a higher Alexa ranking. First of all you should have the Alexa toolbar installed on your Firefox’s SearchStatus extension with your blog set as the homepage. Then you need to set up the Alexa rank widget up on your website.

This will dramatically increase the daily clicks you will be receiving. While you incorporate the Alexa rank yourself you should also encourage others to make use of it as well. This will help you to gain social credibility in the market. At the same time you should get your acquaintances to review your Alexa website and profile and provide you with a rating.

Concurrently you should actively engage in writing and blogging about Alexa. There are many other webmasters out there that are more than eager to learn of new ways which can help them increase their Alexa rank. If you can dish out valuable information you will be able to secure links from others and thereby get targeted traffic.

You should also go ahead and flaunt your URL in various webmaster forums. This is because you will find most webmasters to have the Alexa toolbar installed. When they view your website they will provide you with very useful feedback. Relative content targeted at the webmasters can get you in the domaining and SEO category where the Alexa toolbar is definitely installed.

Another way to increase your Alexa rankings is to make use of Alexa redirects on your website. When someone clicks on this redirected link it will count in as a unique IP address. Another valuable tip is to post in some popular Asian social networking forums and websites. This is because statistics have revealed the East Asian web users to be particularly fond of Alexa toolbars.

Creating a separate section for webmasters tools will work as a magnet to attract webmasters. You will find them revisiting your website in order to gain access to the tools you have to provide.

These are some of the key tips and tricks that can help you achieve better Alexa rankings. However one should maintain focus on creating high quality content that naturally attracts large audiences rather than narrowing down the focus to just increasing your Alexa rank.
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