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Good SEO against Bad SEO

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In the course of developing a good technique to rank to the highest list, everyone in the online business is endlessly seeking for ways to be the best in their field.  Because of this, selfish and egotistic desires have opened the way for some to create unprincipled, deceitful use of SEO. This misleading trick maneuvers search engines in presenting useless websites with inappropriate content and substance.  This is the so called “Black Hat SEO” or Bad SEO.  Some also call it as “Grey Hat SEO”.  Bad SEO is not SEO in any way.  And since many are aiming for online success, most are not aware of this scheme because of lack of familiarity about SEO.  This article will tackle the difference between a Good SEO and a Bad SEO to help you determine if you are dealing with a good one or a bad one.

Good SEO

  • It exercises the industry’s excellent practices and stay on search engine guidelines.  
  • SEO takes time; it can take months, sometimes as much as 6-12 months to accomplish main, dense and steady rankings. It takes time to understand the unique business goals and objectives of SEO.
  • It is prioritizes on long-term sustainable growth.  SEO is never-ending.  If you discontinue maintaining your site, you will go down in the rankings.
  • It supplies a defined implementation method and timetable for a better understanding and wider view of what is being done and when it will be done.  Set truthful expectations and genuine goals for optimization by establishing SEO – Client Relationship.
  • It focuses on conquering quality ranking at the top four search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, and Ask.
  • It carries wide-ranging services including: natural optimization, link building campaigns, Pay-Per-Click management, and Social Media Marketing.
  • It sustains strong initial keyword and viable research.  Gives validity on the content.  


  • It makes use of link spamming /farming, hidden text, and other methods that violate search engine guidelines.  Black hat tactics such as:

    Duplicate Content,

    Doorway Pages,

    Keyword Stuffing, and

    Overdoing RSS

    are very evident.  If the top four search engines detect this, the site will be penalized.
  • It presents quick fixes with no future plan.  Inconsistent advises from SEO consultants are first signs of unreliability and misleading SEO platform.
  • It proposes submission to hundreds of search engines. Do remember that the top four search engines make up 93.7% of US market share.  
  • It concentrates a lot of energy on Meta keywords and bargains on extreme promises for rankings, like. “Guaranteed page one” and “top rankings in a week.”  

Search engine optimization is a hyper-competitive attempt that requires intense focus and a thorough, up-to-date understanding of how search engine work and crawl a web site.  It is always about skillful planning and great application, because in the world of SEO, the competition never ends.  
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