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Learning the Basics of SEO

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Tricks, techniques, strategies, approaches and tactics… Words that starters must bear in mind in learning search engine optimization.  

Learning the Basics of SEOThere are many aspects of search engine optimization that almost every SEO is known of.  This includes link building, blog commenting, social book marking and tagging for external meta data. However, there is an inclusive foundation of site structure, keyword density and on-page factors.  

One should also get familiarized with SEO jargons like:  hosting, domain, www or non www, page titles, seo friendly URLs, description meta tag, index, keyword meta tag, h1 tags, images, heading tags, keyword research, SEO tools, static navigation, back links, link exchange, absolute URLs, CSS, and SEO directory.  

Here are 7 Steps and guides to basic SEO planning:

1.  Research and analyze.

There are several tools to get a report in determining how many times those search terms are related to certain content.  The search terms with the highest word count have the most number of competitors.

2.  Targets.

Know your objective and do some assessments to know where to start on.   

3.  Collaborate and team up.

Work in partnership with a team of professionals that will assist in management, sales, and marketing.

4.  Filter and Sort.

Arrange, organize and classify data with which you think anyone would search logically with less effort.

5.  Prioritize.

Rank search terms according to importance.

6.  Record.

Clearly document all researches made including keyword phrases and plans.

7.  Monitor and track.

Use tools to help you keep in check and log the progress you need.  Free tools like rank checker and can be a big help.

Bottom line of this all is keep reading and searching.  Don’t be afraid to try new ways you think it is best to fit your needs, because only YOU can control what is on your website.  
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