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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing the volume of traffic to a web site by improving the internal and external factors influencing the ranking in search results. There are a lot of websites on the internet and every web site would like to have the highest amount of traffic. Typically, the earlier a site appears in the search results list of search engines, the more visitors it is likely to receive.

Rankings of various URL change almost every week due to competition. It is very difficult to maintain high rankings, but a top-10 ranking in major search engines and directories can be achieved. There are various factors that have to be considered in search engine optimization. They can be divided into positive factors and negative factors.

Positive Seo Factors

The first factor that is considered is the keyword. The keyword must be present in the URL and in the title. The keyword density in the body of the text must be between 5 – 20%. Use the keyword throughout the page wherever it makes sense. This is because search engines are becoming more sophisticated and they are therefore targeting the mix of all the words on the page in order to help determine what the page is all about.

Another factor is linking, both internal and external. This is usually in terms of the linking within your site and also quality links to external sites. Your document must also be accessible to ensure that search engines see it and are also able to read the content in it.

Negative Seo factors

Never overuse the keywords as this is usually interpreted as spamming. This is usually known as keyword stuffing. Keywords should not be overused in the body, in the Meta tags or in the title tag. Also, the site should not have text that is represented in graphics form only. Body text must be present on the page because text represented graphically is not visible to search engines.

Also, the content should not be too similar or duplicate to that of another site. Therefore, one should not steal images or blocks of text from another domain. This is copyright violation and can be detrimental to your site. Most search engines respond very strongly to such reports.

Also, do not link to external sites of low quality or to spam sites. This is because linking out to low quality neighborhoods flags you as a resident of the same neighborhood.

If one adheres to these factors in search engine optimization, then they can ensure that their site is at the top of search engine rankings.

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