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Top Position on Google

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Achieving the top position on Google is one of the most precious steps that any online businessman would want to achieve bearing in mind the great income that could be earned from the many customers that will be able to get that access to your products without difficulty and therefore giving you an upper hand in the trade industry.

Getting high traffic on your website is essential in any online business and thus achieving the top position on any internet service site such as google means that you have almost achieved half the target goal because many potential customers will get to see your products and definitely you will reach out to a wider market. However there are a number of factors that any businessman need to bear in mind if he wants to achieve that hard to get top rank on Google.

The first factor that should be borne in mind is character.


Getting the first position on google,

This directly reflects on how the other people will perceive you and the general image that you paint in the mind of those who have had access to the information that you have pasted on the web. You can develop a positive reputation by simply making sure that you have authenticity in all the information that you have in your articles not forgetting those sites that you link to your website should also be credible. Brand your domain name and have that kind of best hosting on your site and avoid the use of any derivative information therefore ensure that every information found on your site is original. You can develop that positive reputation on Google by being keen on relevance.


you must also be keen on the registration date of your website as this matters a lot when it comes to attaining that top position on Google. The age of your site is valued a lot by Google especially the registration date and not the time when you started posting information so if you want to start a new website just ensure that you register it as the first step before you even start any form of work on the site.

The third factor

is the popularity of those links that you will receive on your web ( backlink ) or those that use your site as a link to their web if they meet relevant standards of Google then you will be considered for that top rank on Google but just make sure that these sites are relevant to your website content.

The final factor

is to evaluate the quality of the content that you have on your website. You can get that positive opinion from Google by ensuring that your content is free of mistakes such as, repetition of text, copying or lifting of content from other sites and overuse of keywords. Keep your content original, relevant and fresh all the time and by doing this you can be assured of not only getting but also maintaining that top position on Google.

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