On-Page Factors and Off Page Factors

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Search engine optimisation

is basically placed into two factors:

on-page or off-page.

The weight that search engines place on these factors depends on the search engine being submitted too.

Lets explore them:-

On Page

On page factors can be described as anything related to optimising of the website itself. Whether it is the title, the body text, images, headings, keyword density. All search engines take into account certain on page factors, with the most important factors being the title tag, and the body text.

search engine(s) placing weight on on-page factors : yahoo, msn, altavista

Off Page

Off Page factors is anything that basically links back to your page from another source. Whether that is blogs, social bookmarking, directories, other website(s), media sites or article directories. Having a link back to your site with the desired keyword in the link, gives your site weight with certain search engines. That mammoth Google being one of them.

Off page Search Engine(s) :- Google, Aol

In summary, making sure you optimise your website pages, and then following it up with a consistant link building package, which will bear fruits in rankings with all search engines.
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