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Although this is not the most important on-page factor in terms of ranking, (due to it being easily abused),

the description tag still has a place in getting the customer to click on your link rather than the link above or the link below in results pages.

The description tag you are using in your web pages can be found by viewing the source of the page you are looking at. Firefox > view > Page source; Internet Explorer > view > source. This will be one of the very first tags you will see, and will look something like this

When thinking of what to put in the meta tags, see it as a benefit of what ever you have put in your title tag. For instance say your selling shoes, and the title is about a nice pair of hiking boots, your description tag might be ‘Selling a range of comfy, durable and hard-working hiking boots, with a 10 year guarantee’. Make sure you get your keywords in their. While Google and AOL may not place high regard on the title tag, you still may pick up extra traffic from Yahoo!, MSN or AltaVista.
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