SEO Friendly Url’s - The Benefits

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SEO Friendly url’s are of vital importance to getting ranked in Search Engine Result Page’s (serps). Not only are they more visually attractive but it’s makes the search engines job of placing your site in within the correct market, a lot easier.

This applies to dynamic url’s like the ones used in e-commerce pages where, rather than a static page, 1000’s of products pages are produced dynamically.

This usually shows in the form productid=5.  This obviously has little relevance to any products or services, and instead by changing the code structure of the url, you get much more friendly url’s such as’s/die-hard-with-a-vengence.

Usually within content management systems such as Joomla, wordpress or drupal, this can be easily set up via plugins. E-commerce sites also may have additional software to help rewrite url’s to make the more friendly.

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