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Social Bookmarking - Do I need it?

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Social Bookmarking should always be used to promote your site. Google sees these sites as authority and so placing a link back to yourself, can be be a great way to increase your rankings.

What is Social Bookmarking ?

Originally social bookmarks were a way to keep hold of a list of sites, in a convient place, so if your dekstop or laptop suffered hard disk failure you wouldnt loose your list of your favourite sites.

They were also a great way to show friends or family, some of the sites you had found, from any computer with an Internet connection.  Whilst these sites still exist, social bookmarking has now evolved into a social community where users rate, vote and comment on their favourite links and other users.

The most popular social bookmarks out their are Digg, Stumbleupon, del.ici.ous and Faves (now Diigo). Basically all a user needs to do is register, than enter the details mainly url, title, tags and description with the site details and their link will be live. (please note some sites do not allow self promition). Submitting a steady dream of social boomarks about your site and blog, keeps the search engines interested in your site and can help promote your blog.

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