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Do You Twiiter?

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Today I want to show you the power of search and social media marketing (smm).

Get a Blog and Get TwitteringMost of us these days have either a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter account, or maybe posted on a blog.

Did you know you can use these social status sites to have clients find your business.?

Today I was looking for a piece of software to tailor my Twitter page. I typed ‘personalize my twitter page’ into Google and clicked on this page

Now it actually was’nt site the site I was looking for but the content was so interesting, I had to read on. I signed up to her blog, and twitter page and will be constantly checking back.

What interested me?. The style of her writing. Caroline writes in such an open, friendly manner, I actually became interested in her products and services.

This points out the fact, the blogs and social status pages are good for business. They open up outlets for people to find you. Never mind the size or scale of your business, get a blog and get twittering
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